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Rubber Soul

EMI senior engineers Allan Rouse and Guy Massey should be issued lifetime achievement awards or knighted by the Queen for their re-mastering work on the entire Beatles catalog. Nowhere does their work sparkle as much than on The Beatles’ later LPs, starting with 1965's Rubber Soul. Every nuance and small detail comes alive in these re-mastered reissues. “Drive My Car” exudes a trebly fuzz guitar solo and slinky tambourine a good year or so before psychedelia would really take hold in America and the UK. A good indication of the creative genius to come from the Fab Four can be found in “Norwegian Wood” and its acoustic-based launch pad for Harrison’s latest sitar studies under Ravi Shankar.

The Beatles implementation of keys (as broached on Help!), is even more pronounced on “You Won’t See Me”, balanced by Starr’s drum fills and reverb guitar flares. The peace and love movement could have actually been kick-started by “The Word” with a repeated chorus of “Say the word love” and psychedelic keyboards. The closest comparison to The Beatles direction would have to be The Byrds' “If I Needed Someone” as both were heavy on acoustic guitar and psych flourishes (see “Run For Your Life”). This is also true in the Americana musings of the Starr-penned “What Goes On” and “I’m Looking Through You”. Worth mentioning about the Rubber Soul reissue in particular are the stereo mixes included with the mono version so a real comparison can be weighed between two distinct formats.


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